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When you observe the world around us, every structure and object is actually created as a work of art. Art from the very beginning portrayed not only how the physical elements of the world look like, but it also mirrored one's soul, ideas and expressions. It is God's gift to man. The study of art especially in children, develop's their creativity and resourcefullness. The purpose of education is just to create high yield producers in a capitalistic society. But also to enable students bring beauty into the world to make it a better place to live and to a bring a sense of enjoyement and pleasure.
Teachers have known for many years that young children often understand more than they are able to verbalise. When children participate in activities in the arts, they are involved in using both non verbal and verbal forms of commnications. Art provides children with unique and multiple ways of exploring, forming, expressing, communcating their own and other's ideas and feellings.