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School Parliament  
The school takes pride in functioning on democracy. There is relation between the ideas of participation in decision making and the need for all democratic governments to have the consent of their citizens. It is these elements that together inspire the school form a Students' Parliament. The Parliament meets every month to discuss various problems. The members speak up their problems and the house discusses the problems and solution is found out with the opinion of all members. The decisions taken are noted down and those minutes are read out in the morning assembly next day to acquaint the whole school with it. Students' Parliament is bicameral with an upper house and a lower house. 
                                                                                                          LOWER HOUSE
Lower House is consisted of all the monitors of various classes. These monitors are elected by the students of their respective classes.
                                                                                                          UPPER HOUSE
The members of the Upper House are nominated by the teachers and house mistresses.
The Head Boy and Head Girl are selected by the Principal and the Coordinator of the Parliament through a process of interview which is taken by the Principal in his office. The nominations are done by senior teachers.