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House System  
The school is divided into four houses – named after great leaders and patriots. Each student is a member of one or the other house which encourages togetherness and team spirit. They are trained to shoulder the responsibilities and a sense of competition is infused in them. Each house is under the governance of House warden assisted by a Deputy House warden. The children are exposed to public speaking through debates, extempore, declamations, group discussion and various other competitions. To develop aesthetic outlook among the students , the school provides training in music , dance , art and craft etc. These houses are: –
House Mistress- Ms. Suman Sharma
Deputy House Mistress-MrsSuman Wadhwa 
House Master- Mr. Sanjeev Tyagi
Deputy House Mistress-Mrs. Kusum Pathak
House Mistress- Mr. Hardeep singh
Deputy House Mistress-Mrs. Kusum Mehta
House Mistress- Ms. Neeraj Rai
Deputy House Mistress-Ms. Rajni Sethi
Every house has its own captain , vice captain and prefects of discipline and cleanliness.
                                                               GANDHI HOUSE
Colour- Green
Gandhi ji, the father of the nation was a champion of non-violence and dedicated his life to absolute truth. He preached universal brotherhood. He expected every Indian to rise above the petty considerations of caste, colour and creed. He wanted everyone to co–operate with each other so that we may take our country to the path of progress and development. We feel proud to be known as Gandhians and have shown splendid performance in every field.
Captain-Pawan Dhondiyal XII sc
Vice Captain-tanuj XIcom
Prefects- Khayati (X B), Bhawna (X B)
Tanuj(XI Com),Harpinder(X B),Abhinav(IX B),Ishita(VII A),Diksha(VIII A),Pooja(VI A),Rashi(XI Sc)
Nidhi(IX  A) ,Pragya(IX A)participated in Inter school English debate competition. The feels proud to have other orators who take part in Inter house activities like Diksha(VIII B) , Tammana Dhiman(VI B), Himani(VI B),Muskan(IV B), Rupal(V B)
Abhinav(IX B),Saloni(XI Sc),Kritika(X B),Aastha(VI B), Gurkrit(IV B), Shubham(VII A)
Alankrit(XI Sc), Deepak(XII SC), Pawan Dhondiyal(XII Sc),Ashwani(XII Sc),Vivek Bhott(XII Sc),Agastya(XI Sc), Pallavi(XII Sc),Vishal(VII A)
The house was the winner of overall trophy in Annual Sports meet.
                                                                         NEHRU HOUSE
Colour - Blue
Nehru house is named after Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru who was a great humanitarian and was entirely against war. He always dreamt of a world without arms and weapons and was considered as an apostle of peace. He showed the path of co-operation, hard work and mutual understanding.
Captain-Rohan Tyagi(XII Sc.)
Vice captain-Ashray sobti(XI Sc.
) Prefects- Ridhima Shukla(X C), Kanika Kamboj(X A)
The members of Nehru house put in their best efforts to exceed other houses in various fields like Sports, cultural activities, Art and craft and debates etc.
Ridhima(X C)and Kanika(X A). Nandika(X C) participated in many activities like dance, debates etc.Other orators are Diksha(VII A), Palak(V)
Art & Craft
Poonam (XA),Dinesh( VIII B),Gagandeep (VIIIA), took part in Inter School Art & Craft Competition.
Cultural Activities-
Poonam (IX B), Dinesh (VIII B),Gagandeep(VIII A),Tanya (VB).
Monil (XI Sci), Savita (XII Atrs), Arun (VIII A) {Best Athlete} Jyoti (XII Sci), Deepak (VIII B), GaganDeep (VIIIB) The House emerged winner in Annual Atheletic Meet.
                                                                     SUBHASH HOUSE
Motto- Rely oneself and serve humanity.
‘Jai Hind’ is the Slogan which thrill all of us with a sence of patriotism was raised by Subhash Chandra Bose who himself was Valiant,self reliant and a great patriot. We feel honoured that our house is named after such a great person who dedicated the whole of his life in the service of the motherland and humanity and adore him for filling in us love for our country.
Chhaya Kamboj (XII Sci)
Vice Captain-
Kanika Kamboj (XI)
Shefali Gupta( XII),Priya son
It is a proud privilege to enlist the names of student who participated in various activities .
Kanika Kamboj(XI Com),Shikha(XII),Akanksha, Vishu, Karan, Manish Kumar.
Art & Craft-
Bharti,Aakriti, Bhavesh, Aakanksha, Abhilasha & Chhaya participated in Inter School Art & Craft Competition.
Azra, Madhvi, Megha,Manpreet participated in House Activities.
Sahil, Kanika, Sukriti, Shikha, Arpit.
Sukriti is a National Level Player and Tanveer is a state level player of Tae Kwondo.
Cultural Activities- 
Suriti, Bharti, Arpit, Ashish, Sukhvinder, Surinder, Shikha, Kanika kamboj.
                                                                     TAGORE HOUSE
The house is named after Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore who was not only a great poet and a writer but also a nobel prize winner in Literature.He was fully influenced by Gandhiji and advocated and promoted love ,peace and universal brotherhood.
Our students display wonderful performance in different activities through out the session.
Captain-Shreyansi XII Com
Vice Captain-Chirag XI Sc
Prefects-Priya,Shivam XII Com
Orators-Gautam Shukla XII Sc,Tanya Ahuja XII Sc,Jigyasa XA,Mini X C,Priya XII Com,Vibhuti VII Manasavi
Sports-Parminder Singh XII Com, Sidharth XII Com, Bhumika XII Com, Shivam XII Com, Mayank Sharma XII Com, Gautam Shukla is the Badminton (Singles) Champion of the school for consecutively two years.
Art and Craft-Vibhuti, Hritika, Mini, Bharti participated in Interschool Art and Craft Competition.
Cultural Activities-Tanya Ahuja, Mini, Kanchan, Bharti, Payal, Ishita, Sakshi, Usha, Divya.